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London Internship Program

Why London ?-A Cosmopolitan City in UK



London is the largest city and biggest economy in Europe. In London, you can find many international companies and people from different countries, because it is also a hub of global business, finance and creative sector. Here, you will find various exciting learning opportunities and experiences.


In every corner of London, you’ll find hundreds of great attractions, ranging from shopping halls to world-famous attractions like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  It also has a rich literary heritage encompassing the works of English writers (e.g. William Shakespeare), historic monuments, royal palaces and the world's top museums (e.g. British Museum). Therefore, you won’t get bored this cosmopolitan city, London!



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Who is Eligible?


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Program Features


We offer premium internships across all sectors. Once you decide to join us, we are committed to provide you the following services:




Program Fee- Basic Package
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    Program Start Dates: the first Sat every month

    Basic Package: If you have relatives or friends in your chosen destination, this basic package would be a good choice for you, as it  provides you great flexibility for your choice on accommodation and travelling plan depending on your budget, at the same time, enhancing  your competitiveness in the job market.

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    Basic A: 1 to 2 months

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    Basic B:3-6 months

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    Basic C:6-12 months
    Please contact our consultant for more information

Program Fee- Deluxe Package
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    Program Start Dates:Beginning of every month

    Deluxe Package: Living in foreign countries are never easy. If you would like our professional consultation to give you support during the journey, our deluxe package would be a good fit for you! On top of the basic package, the deluxe package can help you settle into a new city more quickly by providing you the following supports: 


    ·         Airport pickup on arrival

    ·         Participant handbook: You will get the necessary information upon arrival

    ·         Workplace skills & Cross-cultural communication workshop

    ·         Welcome orientation day: To show you around the city

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    Deluxe A: 1-2 months

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    Deluxe B: 3-6 months

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    Deluxe C: 6-12 months
    Please contact our consultant for more information

Program Fee- Summer Program
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    Program Start Dates: 12 July-29 Aug, 2014 (Application deadline: 30 March, 2014)

    Summer Deluxe Program: OIC also organizes a 8-week all-inclusive internship program every summer! Here, you will meet participants from all over the world, while OIC's consultants will offer you:


    ·         A guaranteed premium work placement
    ·         Housing
    ·         Pre-departure briefing session
    ·         Airport pickup on arrival
    ·         Transportation in the orientation days
    ·         Excursion  
    ·         Welcome reception
    ·         Company and cultural visits
    ·         Workplace skills & Cross-cultural communication workshop
    ·         City tour
    ·         Career coaching
    ·         24/7 emergency support to ensure your personal safety
    ·         Participant handbook


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    Please contact our consultant for further information

Additional activity: English Langauge courses
Before the start of your internship, you can choose to enhance your English by joining our language courses. We have already partnered with some of the  top Language Schools to help you learn English in a practical and funny way! 
For more information, please contact our consultants directly.

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Program Fee


What's NOT included in the program fee?


Placement Guarantee!

With our rich consulting experience and wide international network, our professional team always helps our participants step out to the world and place them to various prestigious companies.


Our professionalism in our program is shown by our full refund policy. If we cannot place you in your area of interest, expect for the non-refundable admin fee, all of your application fee will be refunded in full! For more details, please talk with our consultants!  


















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